Friday, February 17, 2012

General Studies Notes from Prelims

Hi Everyone. Updating the blog after long as was tied up with district training & with Punjab going for polls the schedule became even more demanding. Anyways, I had prepared notes for prelims in soft copy on my laptop which I am sharing here. The notes on Geography are of optional standard (as I had geography as optional in Prelims) but still can be referred selectively especially the sections on “Geography of India” and “Geography of the world”. I wanted to publish them but my contract with the publisher expired as I couldn't take out time to shape them thought lets share them.

I have also uploaded notes of current affairs that I had prepared for preliminary examination of the year 2008. The intention was just to share with you how I used to organize the information from various sources. I used to prepare the current affairs notes mainly from two sources: News & Events Magazine (the thin monthly magazine which you get for Rs. 8) & Chronicle magazine (which I used to buy mainly for Mains examination but some portions were helpful for prelims too).

The notes can be accessed by pasting anyone of the two links mentioned below in the address bar for your browser & pressing enter.

Download from Google Docs:


Download from Skydrive:!107&parid=2D8ABACB7F51015A!103&authkey=!AByQ_5yWCDjkS_w

Once they are downloaded, you can use free software like winzip or winrar (can be downloaded for free from sites like to extract them (Right click on the file & click “extract here”). Good Luck!!


  1. Thanks Ghanshyam!!
    This is very kind of you.

  2. Sir, did you use to prepare notes on laptop or notebook?

  3. Ghanshyam, if possible it would be very helpful, if you could do a short post about how did you manage your time while working.

  4. Sir, Looking for an earliest reply from your side on the following issues!
    1.Which software you used while preparing the notes ? How were they managed ie. daily,weekly or monthly?
    2. I am confused between psychology and pub ad as my 2nd optional. Can you please brief them out about pros & cons? I almost have a similar interest in both of them. How should I decide?
    I am currently pursuing engineering.

  5. hi sir, my optionals are geography and pudlic administration. if possible please mail me notes of above mentioned subjects..... please... my mail id-

  6. Thanks for the valuable inputs...
    would request u to clarify few doubts.
    is the printed material available with the xerox shop is wat u refferd as "class notes" ?
    is thr any way thru which i can get the 2006 classnotes of vajiram dat u reffered to?

  7. thanks for the strategic information for the civil services preliminary exam preparation. being enrolled in IAS general studies and csat course at I was looking for such useful information. Also can you let me know is it good to go with history or physics in the mains as optionals?

  8. Sir, I need your guidance regarding law as optional ..pLz help. my id is

  9. thnx sir, i need ur guidelines...

    i have done M.Tech. from MNNIT, now i want to prepare for IAS

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  13. Thank you Sir,
    This was very helpful...
    Please try & stay abreast with updates (I know its very hectic), but need your constant support & inputs.

  14. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

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  16. Very good post.

  17. am not able to login gmail with given username and can i?

  18. commendable efforts. first of all congratulations for your success. and thank you for the notes and suggestions. They are really helpful.

  19. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

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  31. will history for optional subject be right choice? while i have graduated with Eng (Hons). pl suggest me

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