Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Download Notes from GMAIL Id, Google Docs & Skydrive

Hi Everyone....I received a lot of request to send the notes shared here through email as many had problems downloading from rapidshare. Therefore I've created a new Gmail id & uploaded all the notes there. The username & password are given below

Logon to GMAIL & use the below username & password to login

Username: notes.ghanshyamthori
password: freeforall

Once you have logged in, you can download all the notes from the email attachments. Its a humble request not to change the password so that everyone can benefit. Thanks. Godspeed.

PS: I have noticed that some aspirants try to delete the posts or change password. Let me tell them that this short sighted tactic will do them no good. I can easily restore the posts by sending a mail again from my personal id. Moreover I can restore the password again though my alternate id given. So please don't waste your energy on changing passwords & deleting mails. Let everyone benefit. Its a request.

New Google Docs & Skydrive Download Link:
Also to tackle the above mentioned issue I have uploaded all my notes (including two markers of GS, important topics for geography & psychology, Resources for Essays) on Google Docs & Skydrive. The link for download is mentioned below:

Link of Google Docs to download all my notes at once:

Link of Skydrive to download all my notes in one go:!105&authkey=4RDeISwUt7k%24

For those who are not net savvy, let me tell them that the notes are zipped in a folder. You will need wizip or winrar software (which can be downloaded for free from anywhere or After installing wizip, you can right click on the zipped folder & select "Extract to here" & all the notes will appear in a normal windows folder. If you still have problems you can download from the email where the file is in pdf format as well as zip format.
I hope with this I have made the soft copy of my notes as accessible as possible. All the best.


  1. Thanks Ghanshyam ... I really appreciate the effort and gesture

  2. Thanks dost, such a noble deed ! :)

  3. Sir,
    why don't you use google documents to share the documents. try using it.
    Anyway, you are such a nice soul. Thank you very much.

  4. Sir please also guide for sociology preparation.
    Gratitude such a notable deed.

  5. Thanks for being so Kind and Generous..

  6. thanks a lot sir! its really a good deed..such a noble soul.. i am sure many aspirants will benefit from this..

  7. Hi Sir,

    this is arvind (B.Tech-Civil Engg.). I have gone through ur page, and found it quite helpul and full of informations and valuable help for CSE aspirants.

    I have also gone through the other UPSC topper's blogs as well. Sir, my optionals are geography and Hindil Lit (medium is Hindi). Unfortunately I did'nt find a single blog having matters like startgies, course materials etc on these two subjects (with hindi medium).

    Sir, I would be highly greatful, if you could give me link/s or mail-ids of the successful candidates/ur friends (who have done with these two subjects), so that I could connect to them and can talk for my specific queries and doubts regarding the above two subjects.

    waiting for ur reply in anticipation



  8. Hi Ghanshyam,

    I have cleared the prelims and have some queries regarding the mains form :

    1) photograph : Is it has to be exactly the same copy as pasted on the prelims form or a recent one would do since I dont have a copy of the same photo I pasted on the prelims form ? Though that too was recent and now I can get a new one well matched with that one..Please help on this …Upsc no one is picking the phone

    2) In the service preferences it is mentioned that for IAS/IPS mention the state cadre I am not eligible for IPS should I write NA in every column against every state for IPS ?
    Similarly, in service preferences if there are any special requirements of a service if I by mistake mark a prefernce for it then what happens? I have a preference for the IIS say for example and I heard it requires some previous experience in the I am confused…
    Also , if no preference is there we have to mark NIL since NA doesnt seem logical but the space provided has only two columns ..please help…

    3) If I indicate IFS as 1 and IAS as 2 ..then in the interview would the questions be more focussed on foreign affairs?

    4) The pass certificate of intermediate-ICSE board( HSC certificate) has the date of birth is it accepted by the UPSC as the standard proof?

    I have asked very basic things but they are a bit ambiguously explained in the mains form thats why I am confused…waiting for your reply

  9. Thanks a lot sir.It is so nice to have full support from your side.

  10. sir, i'm not able to download your geography notes at gmail acc.

  11. Thank you very much sir.....much appreciated.

  12. Thank you very much sir..We feel proud to have a mentor like you!!

  13. Hi Sir

    Many congratulations on u'r success. I have many doubts regarding geography optional. I m working for a govt institute so i dont have the luxury of attending either classes or test series. Can u pls advise if postal test series will be of any help? Regarding Geography i m confused abt how to approach topics in II paper which r much like gs concepts. Can u pls give some inputs how to relate them with I paper concepts and put some geography into them.
    with regards

  14. Someone please tell weather the notes of Alok Ranjan and Neetu singh are printed notes or hand written notes?

    And which one to be taken???

    Reply soon. .

  15. Hi
    Do mail the necessary details and tips on Psychology and GS Paper . Also study tips
    My Email Id is :

  16. using of mail can cause troubles like changing of password by anyone .
    so use my advice for sefe sharing of your file using google document.
    use the link below for anyone for direct access without login

    this link contains 15 files you want to share

    with regards

  17. cleaned up the mailbox. only 3 mails are there with the materials.

    please keep on adding more. even handwritten scans would help. now thats very demanding

    a textbook list would be a very valuable add. list as in only the ones you touched for the test. not the would be and might be helpful ones.

    thanks again. you rock !!!

  18. i cant see any activity in this blog...still taking a chance!

    Thank you sir first of all for the wonderful job you are doing to help us aspirants.
    I have taken Geography and Psychology as my optionals.

    1. the gmail account you mentioned does not have any attachments :(

    2. I stay in goa..away from all the competing crowd. just want to know if it is practically possible to clear the exam without any coaching. my only source of guidance is such blogs by generous ppl like you.

    thanks & regards

  19. hello ...
    first congrats for ur success..
    i tried this Gmail id given bt there is no source available so its my humble request plz check it so every1 can get benefit of ur nobel effort thnx..

  20. First of all sorry guys for not being able to respond to the queries....the schedule in academy is pretty hectic.

    @Harshita & Rids

    I've noticed that the files have been deleted so I have uploaded them again. Infact the same files can be downloaded from rapidshare too for which I have shared the links but some people find rapidshare rather complicated to use. In any case I've uploaded the files on gmail again & have also kept a copy on my personal id so that I can easily restore them if they are deleted again.

    Also it is possible to clear exam sitting anywhere n without coaching provided you have the right guidance & material. Good Luck.

  21. hi sir u r doing nice work ....plz uplod all yors document @ and share the link its very easy! try this 1!!!!

  22. sir, i tried with the gmail id and the password u provided for gs 2markers but its nt opening....plz help me out in this regard would be of immense help to me if i get those gmail id--

  23. @Sirisha

    I have changed the password to "freeforall", you can download now. Also I have shared rapidshare links in my previous posts. Those notes could be downloaded from there too. In any case gmail can be accessed now.

  24. @All

    I have also added Google Docs & Skydrive download link. Now the notes can be downloaded in one shot from any of the two links that I have given in addition to the gmail id.

  25. hi Ghanshyam,
    sandeep here. i am B.E Mech and currently working in infosys.i have decide to give the exam in 2013 with geography and psychology as optional.i have a few questions: the choice of my optionals good(highlight on psychology preparation). the syllabus of geography maneagable considering the time i have in hand
    3.what was your notes making startegy for both optionals.
    your guidance would be of immense help in my preparation as choice of optionals and right strategy is very important to avoid wasting an attempt and also valuable time.
    Please reply soon.
    my email id :

  26. you are my inspiration.....thanks a lot sir...!

  27. First of all Congratulations on your success sir.
    Thank You Sir for your help. This will be really beneficial for me. I am going to attempt UPSC in 2013 having my optional subjects as Psychology and Geography.
    I need a little help from you sir. Please guide me through the required books for Geography as I am not taking any coaching and Preparing myself.
    Your guidance will be of immense help for me.

    Thank You Sir

  28. i tried ur gmail account ,but somebody has changed the password..:(

    1. somebody changed the password .. not able to download

  29. thanks a lot sir...i really appreciate your kind and novel gesture.i have downloaded your notes through rapidshare. you have invented a unique and inspiring way of helping others.i have started following your blogs.i had appeared in mains 2011 with history and pol. science as optional.i hope to see some tips and guidance on these subjects also.may god bless you.

  30. I recently checked that someone has changed the mail password & probably deleted the account. In any case both the googledocs link & Skydrive link are working & therefore you can download all my notes from any one of the two links. The notes uploaded in gmail account were the same as uploaded in these two links. All the best.

  31. sir send me notes to my email id: ""
    thanks sir..

  32. Sir ,

    Saying thank you to you is not enough to express gratitude for the good guidance you have given to the civils aspirants through this blog..

    Best wishes

  33. I've always used online material but i've never acknowledged it....but this is the first time that i felt that someone deserves a i wish thanks from the bottom of my heart....


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  36. i am not able to open this account: notes.ghanshyamthori . has the password been changed?kindly help.i want to download notes..

  37. password got changed...could sm1 hepl...

  38. very well... thanks for your nice & noble effort... MAY GOD BLESS YOU BRO...

  39. I want to know that which coaching is good for geography

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  41. I cannot download the geo notes