Saturday, April 13, 2013

Single Post to Download all Notes

I have consolidated all notes shared on this blog in this single post. I had earlier shared these notes on gmail and rapidshare too. In case of gmail, self centered aspirants kept on deleting the attachments and it was not possible for me to restore it everytime. So I have shared them through two portals (google docs and skydrive). You can follow any one portal. 

Link to download prelim notes (Follow any one of the two links mentioned below)

Link to download Mains notes (Follow any one of the two links given below)

Click on the link or copy paste the link in the address bar of your browser and press enter. For google doc link, once the page opens, click on file and then click on download, the notes will automatically download. 
For skydrive link, once the page opens, just click on download on the top left side of the page and the download will start.

For those who are not net savvy, let me tell them that the notes are zipped in a folder. You will need wizip or winrar software (which can be downloaded for free from anywhere or After installing wizip, you can right click on the zipped folder & select "Extract to here" & all the notes will appear in a normal windows folder.

I hope I don't receive emails now to send the aspirants notes by email as they are easily accessible through above mentioned links. Also some aspirants send me emails sharing the notes on google docs. Probably such aspirants click on some wrong link. I have already explained above how to download the notes by properly following the links.

Good Luck!!!