Monday, June 7, 2010

My Final Marksheet

Sharing my marksheet finally..Got delayed due to a technical glitch.

Roll No. : 3710 Name : GHANSHYAM THORI
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009
Essay(Paper III) 104
General Studies (Paper-IV) 174
General Studies(Paper-V) 150
Written Total 1040
Interview Marks 210
Final Total 1250

Remarks : Recommended.


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  2. Sir ,
    i am a computer engg. graduate from DCE. I have taken Pub ad and Psychology as my optionals .im confident abt pub ad but really anxious about psychology .i have joined mukul pathak and today was my first class.if u get time can you plz give an elaborate strategy for psycho preparation...
    u are a great inspiration to all of us.. thnkx

  3. @Saras

    I myself found psycho rather unpredictable. I got 323 in first attempt without much preparation. In second attempt I got 296 n this year just 280....What should I say? 90 % of my preparation was just based on Pathak Sir's class notes.

  4. i think ghanshyam sir marks in psycho diluted his rank,i also agrre with sir that psycho is unpredictable,but contrary to this i have seen one of the selected candidate this year got 360 and above,i also have psycho and i m learning to tackle the optional with graet care.

  5. hi ghanshyam, you got good marks in GS.
    can you explain what did you do preparation wise and writting wise. lot of students could not cross 270 in GS this year

  6. @Sudheer

    Please go through the entire blog....I've mentioned the tips & strategy for GS before.

  7. Sir,Best wishes to you for your grand success.Sir i m going to give my first attempt in 2011…sir i want to know about moderation/scaling….i didnt get the funda of moderation…what is dat sir..pls reply sir..waiting fr your reply sir

  8. Hello Sir
    I am a mech engg. graduate from NIT Jaipur. I will be joining SP Jain,Mumbai PGDM from next week. I have taken Maths and Management my optionals .

    Could u plz tell me being an MBA y u dint choose management as an optional(beacuse i have seen only 1-2 ppl in top ranks with managemnt as an optiona).Also could you plaese tell me how u managed ur studies while doing MBA .if possible suggest some coaching institute/guidane in mumbai for IAS.thnks

  9. @Nishant

    I did not opt for management coz of two reasons

    1. Vast syllabus
    2. Lack of guidance & readymade material.

    Moreover I am Geography honours graduate & had studied biology till 12th (so opted for psychology...Also Org. Beh from MBA helped).

    You can take up management but would advise you to reconsider maths.

  10. @Dream

    Moderation or scaling is a process of brining a tough paper or liberal marking at par with some other subject in which paper was relatively easy .

  11. thanx sir for ur reply...
    sir is scaling/moderation is done for every paper...hope u reply sir....i knw sir u bsy bt pls reply


  12. hello...
    u wrote in ur blog regarding geography preparation that u will be uploading ur mock test answers ,...kindly do it soon

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  14. sir, I am an engineering student
    which optional do not require very good language expression and are direct..

  15. Hello Ghanshyam,

    Congrats on your success! Your blog makes an interesting reading. You should write more!

    You had mentioned somewhere in the blog that you will share your approach for Geo optional. Could you please share it?


  16. @Dream

    Scaling is done for every paper.....For some papers there is upscaling for some downscaling & if any paper falls very close to the avearge there might be no scaling done at all (infact in such cases also scaling is applied but result does not alter or alters insignificantly say by 1 or 2 marks plus or minus).


    Was planning to upload but scanning is a pain. I've kept one xerox copy at xerox shop opposite aggarwal sweets in Old Rajinder Nagar...You can take the xerox from there.

  17. @Abhinav

    You cannot skip expressions entirely as they are very much needed in essay....So would suggest you develop writing skills.....Only subjects like Maths, physics & similar optionals can be dealt with without much of linguistic competence but for humanities optionals decent explanation skills are needed though there is no need to write in flowery language.


    Thanks.....I've updated approach on geography in "Geopsychological Quagmire" section....Please check it...Good Luck.

  18. hi Sir,

    Can you please help with the commerce study material. Can you please ask any of your friends once in the academy that which are good notes for commerce. Also, for Pub Admin.

  19. Dear Sir,
    There is non availability of many topics,
    particularly the newly added ones.
    Even topics given in majid sir's book are somewhat vague.
    same is the case with many books.
    please guide how to sail through this ?
    are neetu singh's and alok sir's note easily
    comprehensible, considering i haven't attended them ? do they cover 100% syllabus together ?
    Kindly guide !
    Kapil Choudhary

  20. Hello Sir,

    Congratulations for the Success!! We appreciate your efforts for helping others too :)

    It would be great on your part if you could provide info about the Books for Geography (If possible Chapter wise).

    Thanks and Regards,
    Geetika Mathur

  21. hello sir,
    thanks for your help without any bias
    i have earlier asked you a query but you didn't respond me pls tell me can i sail this exam without any coaching if i have opted for psychology as my 2nd optional.
    there is no guidance so please help me

  22. hi sir ,

    i would like to do writing practice for geography & public admin...for correction &check ,can i go for solved paper available in market or plz suggest some ideas

    thank you sir

  23. i would like 2 ask you something...please reply
    If I start preparing now for 2011 exam, can I clear the exam?
    I would give my 100%.

  24. @Naive : You should start now ... believe in urself ... at the max if u dnt qualify ..the effort can be utilized next time :)

    go 4 it :)

  25. Hi Ghansyam,

    i am planning to take psychology as one of my subjects.

    are mukul pathak notes making diagrams fetch good marks.

    prateek khare

  26. hello sir, pls suggest books for GS mains .
    kind Regards

  27. Great Information sir..Thanks a Lot.Lucky 2 come across your blog !May god bless u for the Good work.

  28. hi sir , congrats ... i hv given mains with psychology and anthropology but could not get satisfying marks , spl in psycho ...i am planning to shift to public administration instead of psycho(m also finding it very unpredictable) ... can you plz guide me abt my decision

  29. sir,i am an engineering(first year)student and i am in the early phase of my preparation for civil services examination.I have opted geography as one of my optionals and to start my preparations I would request you to suggest me some good geography books..!!

  30. sir,please guide me for my optional geography..which coaching is good...Mrs neetu singh or Mr.Alok rajan.

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